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          STABLE NEWS
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          Beijing stable shelf introduce the current development trend of China's shelf

          Since we are engaged in the shelves of the industry, then it is to be aware of the industry will do. As the saying goes, in its place to seek its thing to say is the truth, the following is to let Beijing warehouse shelves to introduce a small.

          At present, the technology of our country is single, and there is no relevant industry standard, industry region is relatively concentrated, the demand unit only choose the opportunity of different shelf, and no choice of different shelves, because the country's shelf industry products are the same. While foreign with the industry after entering, there is bound to exist the difference between the quality of the shelf products, then the competition will be very fierce.

          Comprehensive opening, will inevitably lead to the spread of demand across the country have, therefore, will inevitably lead to the shelf industry by the current focus gradually spread to the country.

          Domestic understanding of the shelf industry is not high, there are many places such as the northeast and northwest regions, do not understand the shelves, do not understand the shelves, but also in the stage of not knowing what they need. But with the continuous development of our country's economy, people's understanding of the logistics of the more deep, the demand will increase the shelf.

          With more foreign investment in our market, it is bound to lead to more and more enterprises to standardize management, improve the efficiency of the third profit source to start, more and more people will gradually realize the need for shelf life, the demand for each enterprise on the shelf is growing. The article comes

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